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2022 annual impact Report

We Are
Seeking Justice

Across the country, we partnered with local governments and communities to fight back against the companies, people, and institutions that threaten our civil rights.

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section One

Revolutionizing The Fight For Rights

Public Rights Project is committed to the fight for civil and human rights—for this generation and the next.

In 2022, we doubled down on our partnerships from coast to coast.

We ensured autonomy over our bodies, provided protections for workers, access to the ballot and fair elections to voters, and defended against egregious abuses of power on behalf of greedy corporations and authoritarian government officials—and so much more.

section two

Protected Civil Rights For 23 Million Americans

Press play to hear from madison about PRP’s impact

Photo: Madison Jacobs
Chief Marketing Officer, Madison Jacobs

We’d love to take you on a journey of stories about the impact PRP has across the country. You’ll learn how we empower governments and community-based organizations to work in concert, protecting our civil rights through equitable enforcement.

USA Map of PRP offices


government and community partners in 41 states


win rate for all
PRP-led litigation


fellows across
24 states

section three

Bringing Justice To Communities From Coast To Coast

Support communities & governments working to protect civil rights.

With hundreds of local governments and community-based partners, Public Rights Project has built a powerful engine for civil rights across America.

And our impact continues to grow with our network—working with more public officials, prosecutors, workers’ rights organizers, and racial justice advocates each year.

Our two fellowship programs—Affirmative Leaders and Justice Catalyst—are a vital piece of outreach and change-making, showcased in all of the facts and figures to follow. Here, you can see the power of equitable enforcement.

2022 wins
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23.4 Million

people served
by our work

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$18.9 Million

in relief recovered, 4 times
our annual budget

Books icon

9 Amicus Briefs

authored, with a total of
105 partnership sign-ons

Scale icon

100% Win Rate

on all 9 PRP-Authored
Amicus Briefs

Capitol icon

2 civil rights Units

established in
government offices

Graduate Cap icon

21 New Fellows

trained in 12 states


Kim Foxx

State’s Attorney,
Cook County, Illinois

“You are like bright beacons in American history that have pushed and moved us forward even in what seemed like the darkest of times.

And in those times it has been the champions of justice, the seekers of justice that have propelled us to the moment that we stand today.”

Kim Foxx photo
Eli Savit photo

Eli Savit

Prosecuting Attorney,
Washtenaw County, Michigan

“The health and safety of thousands of people in my county is on the line. And I’ll be damned if I’m not going to do everything within my power to help protect that.”

Seema Rupani photo

Seema Rupani


“I was motivated to work towards a more healed and just world in part by my family's experiences with oppression, and in part by empathy and hope. I went to law school to equip myself with more tools to affect systemic change. This fellowship really has been one of the communities that has kept me going this past year. These connections keep us righteous and accountable in this work.”

community PARTNER

Jeremy Hendricks


“In the construction industry, people are looked at like commodities. Everyone loves a ribbon-cutting—no one wants to know about the people that got injured in building those tall, shiny buildings downtown.”

Jeremy Hendricks photo
Jenna Hanes photo
community PARTNER

Jenna Hanes


“The Grace Act is the most urgent work we’re doing. So the decision that we had to make was, ‘Are we going to prevent ourselves from doing good things just because the Texas legislature isn’t gonna like it?’ The answer to that has got to be ‘no.’ The only thing we can do is try to have strength in numbers.”

Berbeth Forster photo
government PARTNER

Berbeth Foster

Senior Staff Attorney,
Community Justice Project

“We see litigation as a vital aspect to protecting the rights of all the community organizers we work with, ensuring they have the right to protest in the streets of Florida, but also the right to appeal to their local governments as they seek to re-imagine public safety.”

People working

section four

Demanding Anti-Racist Practices. Prioritizing Inclusion.
Celebrating Intersectionality.

Since its inception in 2021, Public Rights Project’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Working Group (DEIB WG) has ensured PRP lives up to the Core Values of our organization.

The DEIB WG prioritizes advancing the rights of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized people—for example, this past year the working group led a significant effort to bring anti-racism training and education to the entire staff.

In 2022 the Operations Team also led an effort to bring increased transparency and equity to PRP’s recruitment and hiring practices. Together we’re building a culture that meets the challenges—and hard, necessary conversations—around justice head-on.

section five

Our Funders Make Justice Possible

Thank you to everyone who has continually supported our mission since our founding.

We also want to offer a special thank you to the following individuals and organizations who generously donated gifts of $1,000 or greater in 2022.

Every dollar donated supports our fight for racial justice, workers’ rights, reproductive justice, and underserved communities.


Quinn Delaney & Wayne Jordan
Brian and Leslie Baker
Kelly Dermody and Billie Mizell
Juan Rodriguez
Sarita Schoenebeck
Elise Martin
Lane Dilg and Brian Nelson
Heather Gerken and David Simon
Anne and John Karl
David Roe
Genna Dick
Jill Habig
Linda & John Kahle
Matthew Lawlor
Melissa Murray
Dan Newman
Jane Okpala
Jenn Schultheis
Jenny Netzer and Ellis Seidman
Jillian Stillman

section six

Financial Summary

Public Rights Project is proud of the financial growth we experienced over the past year—every grant and donation makes our litigation, organizing, and storytelling possible.

Public Rights Project is proud of the financial growth we experienced over the past year—every grant and donation makes our litigation, organizing, and storytelling possible.

We’ve grown from a $750,000 budget in 2018 to a projected 2023 operating budget of $6.3 million. The following charts represent our 2022 revenue and expense breakdown.

Revenue chart (4.7 million)
Expenses chart (4.4 million)

section seven

Many Thanks To Our Board Of Directors!

We deeply appreciate the commitment of the Public Rights Project Board, who continue to offer their insight and support to our team and our vision. They help us work toward a democracy built by the people that delivers equity and justice.

Their collective expertise across everything from law, government leadership, and civil rights to organizational strategy, development, and communications has enabled us to maximize our impact, grow our ecosystem of partners, and take the educated, necessary risks to evolve our organization.

We are honored to have their support and know PRP wouldn’t be where we are without their many contributions. Thank you!

Margo Drakos photo
Margo Drakos
Managing Director, Draper Richards Kaplan; Founder, ArtistYear
Heather Gerken photo
Heather Gerken
Dean and Sol & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law, Yale Law School
Peter Harvey headshot
Peter Harvey
Partner, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP
Bachul Koul photo
Bachul Koul
Director, Value Creation, Warburg Pincus
Ken Zimmerman photo
Ken Zimmerman
CEO of Fountain House, Inc.

Meet The PRP Team

These are the faces that make so much of our impact possible.

Here at PRP, we’ve built a talented team from all kinds of backgrounds, ethnicities, identities, and lived experiences—our people are different in so many ways, but we share a collective vision for justice and keep our eyes on the horizon. We believe in the power of change and leverage our unique perspectives and skill sets daily to advance equity within our organization and in the world around us.

Civil rights work is not easy—in fact, it’s often daunting and frightening. The world is riddled with many cruelties and inequities, and sometimes it feels like too big a system to fundamentally change. But together, we take each day step by step and watch with  tenacity and hope as our litigation and training, our fellowships and our advocacy, and the stories of our communities all move the needle towards a future and society we can all be proud to be a part of.

PRP Staff photo
Michael Adame
Staff Attorney
Lida Azim
Fellowship and Events Coordinator
Larissa Briley
Operations Associate
Hilary Burke Chan
Legal Fellow
Christina Schuler da Costa Ferro
Nicolette Del Palacio
Senior Community Organizer
Shanta Farrington
Digital and Social Media Senior Manager
Tiana Franenberg
Director of Operations
Jill Habig
President & CEO
Jocelyn Harmon
Chief Development Officer
Madison Jacobs
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Kristen Janson
Communications Manager
Vicki Krajewski
Director of Training and Digital Learning
Abby Lawlor
Legal Fellow
Jon Miller
Chief Program Officer
Harumi Miura
Data Analyst
Kennedy Reese
Transition Project Manager
Ananda Robie
Salesforce Platform Manager
Josh Rosenthal
Legal Director
Marissa Roy
Staff Attorney
Jake Seidman
Staff Legal Fellow
Aadika Singh
Staff Attorney
Emma Speiser
Development Manager
Katie Tandy
Cristian Torres
Legal Fellow
Avni Wadhwani
Fellowship Coordinator
Kamri Williams
Fellowships & Learning Coordinator
Stephanie Yang
Chief of Staff
Sara Zollner
Legal Fellow