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Photo: Madison Jacobs

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Press play to hear about the power of storytelling to protect our civil rights, narrated by our Chief Marketing Officer, Madison Jacobs.


Building The Bridge Between Community And Government With Narrative Change

THE PUBLIC is an online legal rights magazine designed as a platform to amplify voices from the frontlines of:

  • workers’ rights
  • racial discrimination
  • economic justice
  • reproductive rights
  • environmental justice
  • tribal sovereignty
  • housing discrimination
  • …and every one of our civil rights in between.

THE PUBLIC takes the “I to the Universal”—leveraging the power of an individual story to illustrate a larger societal problem, inspire a dialogue, and actualize progressive policy wins.

The Public - Louisiana's Long History of People as Property (press clipping) - Nov 2022

THE PUBLIC serves as a core component of how Public Rights Project builds bridges between community and government—so governments can take the stories we tell and convert them into real cases that change lives.

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